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Wednesday 5 March 2014


Hes old and hes got a gigantic nose.  He's got a bald head.  He's  got   wrinkles.  His hair is sticking up and he has bags under his eyes.  His ears look very long.  He looks like he is going to give a sloppy kiss.  

By Desmond

The old man

His eyes are big and round, wide too and his face has a lot of rolling wrinkles that look like sand waves at the beach. He has hair as white as paper. He has ears as big as a 30 cm ruler.  I can see that his lips are very dry lips. You can hardly see his eyebrows.  His neck is very sucked in.

By Evelyn

The ugly man                     His wrinkles are like rolled sand. His hair is pointy like grass. His nose is like a baboons butt. His ears are like monkeys.  His waved chin is like a skate park. He has big, goggle, poppy eyes. He is going to kiss me. He wears a jacket ripped open, cruddy shirt. His bald head is like the top of a mountain. He lives in a hovel.  He smells like poo because he did not have a shower for 10000000 years. He looks like smiggles.  He has 0 teeth, he is going to die. .  He has 0 teeth he is going to die.
.             by Leon

Sunday 2 March 2014

Dayton was so excited that he did it.

The crazy swimmers of room 7


When it was the third rows turn to get our sticks. I jumped in with a splash and the water went wavy so I started swimming as fast as I could but I couldn’t find mine.  I was confused so I swam to the other side, Leon there trying to find his, so I dived under and stole Leon’s one and swam to the teacher gave her the stick and I climbed out. Leon couldn’t find his because I stole it. He was diving under the water like a seal searching franticly until whaea Lisa told him,‘’ it’s over there ‘’ pointing to my one. So he swam there got it and swam to the teacher.  He gave the stick to her, climbed out and got dressed.

By Evelyn

When I jumped into the pool it was freezing cold. I had Goosebumps everywhere. It felt like I had been shot by an ice gun. When I was putting on the swimming cap it was tight and it almost squashed my head.  

 By Benjamin

I went swimming and I was good at it.  I was cold when I got in the pool.  I was freezing. I was shivering for a short time.
By Cruz

I fell into the pool it felt like I was on an iceberg.  It was like I was on a sea dive.  It was like I was stuck to ice. My mouth was rattling.  I was shacking out of control.
By Leon


Thursday 27 February 2014

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Hi people,
Sorry it's taken so long to get up and running but I would like to introduce to you the new room seven.

  We are a keen bunch of writers and I hope to get some stories on as soon as possible.

Just a quick reminder of up and coming events:
Tuesday 4th March - School photos
                                - Whole school meet and greet Bbq
Thursday 13th March - Swimming Carnival (starting at 11.30)

Wednesday 4 September 2013

Cars seats are safe

It is good to be in car seats because little kids are sitting in seat belts that cut across ther neck so when the car crashes it might break their neck.  That is a reason why you should put your young children in car seats.  On November the frist a new law is coming in.  It is that the car seat law changed from 2 years to seven so if you don't like it your going to have to do it.

by Evelyn

New Law

There is a new law about car seats.  It says the age that young children will be required to sit in a car seat has been changed from two years to age 7 the new law will come in november 2013.  The car seat must be appropriate for the height and and weight of the child.  This means the parents will have to change the size of car seats as they grow.  Its a good idea because it keeps you safe and it can save your life because you are high and the seat will go across your childs chest not their neck.

By Jorjia

Saturday 24 August 2013

Drop, Cover, Hold

"Drop, cover, hold," the teacher yelled. I was scared like a little girl crying for help. Whaea Lyn's classroom was shaking like a monster trying to pick up the classroom. About ten people were under the same table as me were starting to cry. I yelled, "Drop, cover, hold and then you will be safe." I thought we were going to die in that earthquake. I was to scared to say something. It felt like a small storm was starting to happen. Leana was really laughing throughout the whole earthquake. I said don't laugh otherwise the earthquake will get worse. By Junaid

Wednesday 21 August 2013

I was scared

The ground started shaking. It was like a big giant shaking the ground. The girls screamed. It was like the ground was going to open. I was scared. We all stopped and it was like a wave shaking the ground. There was no cover in the hall. We dropped. I was scared that the metal beams were going to fall on me. By Turahira